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Performative paintings are made up of layers upon layers of bright colours, patterns and textures, scraped, mottled and splattered in a joyful abstract abandon. The edges of the canvases are intentionally left raw and untidy, revealing the origins of painting and showing that work is always in progress. The creative decision is to never consider the paintings “finished” – they are always open to further transformation - until sold.

Viewers are invited to touch the paintings. Artist Unknown hope to engage the public beyond the visual, establishing a tactile intimacy with the work.

Performative paintings need to be experienced in real life as photographs cannot convey the impact. Between exhibitions we can arrange your private visit to view them in our studio (located in central London).

Email us to arrange a visit.

All paintings: Acrylic on canvas, gold leaf, glitter, 100x100cm


© ArtistUnknown 2011

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